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Curca Khazan flooded
Carambolim Manos fishing spot
Chorao Community Traditional Knowledge Manos Experts
Cawa Khazan Community TK Kavtem repair


Goa Khazan leads campaigns that promote real solutions to one of the biggest and silent environmental challenges faced by Goa, namely the destruction of Khazans of Goa and the unique ecosystems that come with them.

The cultural landscape of every village in Goa has the presence of Khazans in the form of Bunds, Manos, Poiem, Tributaries, salt marshes/salt pans and Khazan fields. These were born out of needs of indigenous communities to reclaim land for their livelihood and preservation of the landscape thousands of years ago supporting them socially, economically, culturally and environmentally. The evidences of these engineering marvels that converted low lying land resources that were prone to flooding into a productive landscapes, are a common sight across Goa. 


Unsustainable development in recent years is threatening to ruin our cultural heritage and cause irreversible impacts on the environment. We challenge the notion that the way things are is the way things should always be, and are proud to be a force for positive transformation.

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